The third meeting - in Ireland June 2016

IMG 1518The third national meeting in the Erasmus + project The Impact of Sandplay and Storytelling on children’s learning andemotional-behavioral development took place in June 6-11 2016 in Ennis, Ireland. The participants in this meeting were: Kristin Unnsteinsdottir and Erna Matthiasdottir from Iceland, Simona Danziu, Ionel Puscal, Daniela Androsca and Marina from Romania and Siobhan Whyte, Anne Mc Mahon, Liz Spring and Padraig Kelly from Ireland. The national meeting was altogether successful and informative for all participants and good for the promotion of the project. There is no doubt that meetings of the participants in person are necessary for the project because even though skype meetings and email communications are important nothing can replace the personal contact.

The following activities took place:

  • A general meeting for all the participants where members of the different national groups reported what had taken place in the project in the different countries since the last meeting in Bucharest October 25-27 2015.
    • The Icelandic team informed other participants about financial matters, how the promotion of the project is going and what the next steps are going to be.
    • The Irish and the Romanian groups informed the other members about how things stand regarding the research and the implementations of the method in the schools.
    • A special meeting for the 3 sandplay therapists (Siobhan, Simona and Kristín).
  • A guidance in the Sandtray Play method: Kristin provided separate meetings for the special need teachers (Daniela with Simona as a translator) and (Anne, Liz and Padraig) that are implementing the method in the 2 other countries.
  • Presentation/seminar held by Kristin Unnsteinsdottir for teachers, play therapist and other professionals working in schools in Ennis, County Claire in Ireland about the method Sandtray Play.
  • School visits in Ennis National School and Lissycasey NS.