The second meeting - in Romania October 2015

BUKAREST2015 011The second national meeting in the Erasmus + project The Impact of Sandplay and Storytelling on children’s learning and emotional-behavioral development took place in October 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. The participants in this meeting were: Kristin Unnsteinsdottir, Erna Matthiasdottir, Rannveig Andresdottir, Svanlaug Thorarensen and Gudrun Helga Kristinsdottir from Iceland; Simona Danciu, Daniela Androsca and Monika Savin from Romania; and Siobhan Whyte, Anne Mc Mahon, Padraig Kelly and Aideen de Faoite from Ireland.

October 25th:

  • Simona Danciu opened the meeting and introduced C4C and Scoala Gimnaziala and their part in the Erasmus project.
  • A presentation/seminar on the Erasmus project and on Sandtray Play in Education was run by Kristin Unnsteinsdottir for the participants of the meeting and a number of Romanian Psychologists. An excellent interpretation service for the participants, both in Romanian and English, was led by Monika Savin. Questions and debates about the project, f.ex. about the research part of the project and about the difference between the sandplay method and the sandtray play method.
  • Lionel Puscas and Monika Savin introduced the structure of the Romanian school system. Erna Matthiasdottir and Monika Savin introduced the Icelandic school system. Discussions and comparison about the differences between the two school systems. The two nations exchanged information about the school systems on computer chips.
  • Meeting later same day with all participants in the project. 
    • Erna Matthiasdottir presented the financial status of the project. In average about 23% of the pre financial funding (50% of the whole funding) has been spent. Everybody present was encouraged to send all invoices (bills) to Kristin and Erna as soon as possible to enable them to review the financial status and to make a new budget plan.
    • The status of the project in each country briefly introduced by the contact persons in each country.
    • The homepage for the project introduced and everybody was encouraged to send information to put on the homepage to Gudrun Helga Kristinsdottir.

October 26th:

  • School visit: ‘Happy Days’ a Kindergarden in a suburb of Bucharest. Invitation entended by Monika Savin
  • School visit: Scoala Nr. 198. Step by step system. Invitation entended by Sorina Cuzum.
  • Meeting of the three sandplay therapists. A report on the situation in each country. Decided to start case consultation with Barbara Turner as soon as possible.

October 27th:

  • School visit to Scoala Gimnaziala 156. Invitation enteded by Lionel Puscin and Daniela Androsca.
  • Meeting of the Icelandic team, Irish contact person and the Irish school psychologist. Discussion on the management of the tasks. A discussion about making a schedule to help with the work.