14The implementation of the project is in two parts:

  • An implementation of sandplay and storytelling as a tool to initiate imaginative thinking and creative expression among pupils in mainstream and special need education. This method is now called Sandtray Play in Education. Implementation took place in all 3 countries. The method was presented for professionals in education and mental health in seminars and training courses and with an introductory toolbox (handbook) under the name Sandtray Play in Education.
  • An implementation of sandplay and storytelling as a therapeutic method for students who have disabilities such as poor learning skills or attention and/or emotional problems. This use of the method has already been practiced by sandplay therapists in all three schools and continued with a comparative study, implemented in the 3 European countries, of the impact of sandplay and storytelling on children‘s learning and emotional-behavioral development. Both methods, that is sandplay and storytelling, inspired by imaginative thinking, are of crosscultural nature and hence convenient for a comparative study. The target group is children who have disabilities such as learning difficulties or attention and/or emotional problems.