15A dissemination plan including an introduction of the multiple value of the sandplay/storytelling method took place in educational setting in European schools. This takes primarily to a tool to initiate creative thinking and expression for pupils of different ages and abilities in their schoolwork and secondarily to a formal therapeutic method for children in need. This took place through different channels:

    • a training course and introductory handbook for practioners on the use of sandplay and storytelling in regular schoolwork.
    • the multiple use of the method presented in a multiplier event: presentations/seminars and training courses for professionals working in the sectors of psychology and education. 

With this project an argument is made for including imaginative therapeutic play and take actively into account the rich inner lives of children and their emotional needs in curriculum design to help them deal with their self image, learning and development. The project is destined to motivate school authorities, psychologists, educators and parents alike nationwide.