Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 156

Short history:

SS156hIn 1884, he founded the village primary school Militari, for the children of soldiers who fought in the war of independence that work in the house of a man from the village of Militari. In 1893, the school has a new building with two rooms and a teacher. In 1928, at the initiative of several people, love school, supported by teachers and school inspector of the capital, formed a committee of local initiative to build a new school is completed in 1937. Since 1946 start building a new building, which will be put into service in 1948 (today Kindergarten no. 250). Initially it will work in this local High School boys then will some old high school girls from local schools and will form Joint School No.11. In spring 1959, the Joint High School No. 11 has the name "Tudor Vladimirescu". In July 1959 Tudor Vladimirescu High School moves to new premises on the street People's Army, and str. Hill Ţugulea No. 35 in the old building remains School No.156. In 1972, near the old building will be given into a new building. The school was rehabilitated through funding the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the period 2010-2012. Although it was called the School with classes I-VIII Nr. 156 until 2012, today Secondary School Nr. 156 has three places at the 1893, the 1937 and the 1972. Among them is the school administration and the local roads of 1937 and 1972.

VISION of school:
Given the fact that mankind is in a period of radical changes, we believe it is time to adapt our educational approach in order to provide our students with an adequate education that enables them a good start in the competition called life, an adaptation quickly and effectively to a changing society, so the future will not take them by surprise.

MISSION of school:
In line with our vision and principle that progress can be achieved only through performance, we want to offer our students an equal chance of training and individual development, training necessary for harnessing their full potential so as to obtain school performance required personal progress. Therefore, our school is a priority for the quality educational services, in order to reach European performance standards. We want partnership with the local community to develop a learning environment based on positive moral values, in which each student the chance to benefit from its development as a person and personality.

In Secondary School No. 156 in the academic year 2015-2015, 895 students are enrolled, 606 primary school students. Currently the school operates in two buildings, with 22 classrooms, two offices (history, geography), 3 labs (chemistry and physics, computer science - with a total of 25 computers connected to the internet), a library with a total of 16,200 volumes, a gym opened in this year's school sports field arranged in the schoolyard, dentist, doctor pediatrics and a psycho-pedagogical assistance, offices are serviced by medical specialists, nurses, psychologists and psycho).

Teachers of teaching - learning consists of a total of 52 teachers, of which 36 are permanent teachers and 14 substitute teachers qualified status.Of the total 26 teachers have teaching degree I, second degree 9 completed 1 debut. A total of 3 professors have distinguished publications as authorsand contributors to the development of textbooks, methodological guides and educational materials approved by the Ministry of Education and Research.

SS156bIn the music school is a school where students can learn to play the piano, guitar or singing. The school was Comenius project coordinator in previous years.The students can do after school English courses Cambridge, karate, dance, MindLab.

At present the school afterschool program receive "School after school", supported by the City of Sector 6 Bucharest. The program enrolled 120 students.

At present the school benefit from the "School after school", supported by the City of Sector 6 Bucharest, in this program 120 students are enrolled in primary school.

Name: Secondary School No. 156
Region Development: Military District
Address: Str. Dealul Tugulea No 35, Sector 6, Bucharest
Telefon/fax: 031.404.0192
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.