C4C – Communication for Community Association

3Established in 2011, the main purpose of the C4C – Communication for Community Association is to become a social actor which challenges stereotypes, by promoting alternative methods in education and communication.

The association mainly focuses on:

  • Education
  • Community
  • Economic development
  • Promotion of social inclusion of people belonging to vulnerable groups

The mission of the association is to find resources and innovative solutions, through which the community can be encouraged to adopt a responsible and emphatic behaviour. We wish to develope a better involved society, which can generate positive and durable changes.

The values of the association are:

  • Solidarity for the needs of the community;
  • Innovation and proactiv behaviour;
  • Involvement of the members of thecommunity in the process of creating a more responsible one;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Delovpment of a professional and responsible attitude.

“S.E.S – Să Evoluăm Sustenabil”
Period of implementation: October 2014 – September 2015


The project is based on a partnership between six NGO’s and its main purpose is the creation of new services and opportunities for the socio-professional integration of persons belonging to vulnerable groups. The partnership will create 11 social economy structures and 75 jobs in the four regions of implementation.
C4C – Communication for Community Association develops the following social economy structures:

  • Café4/Social Hub – social coffee-shop;
  • Cera4/Ceramics Workshop – ceramics factory;
  • Sense4 – counseling and professional orientation centre.

”Cu mic, cu mare, din nou la școală”

Period of implementation: April 2014 – October 2015

Objective: reduction and prevention of school absenteeism, by conducting programs such as Second Chance, adressed to adults and young people who abandoned school education and to children with disabilities who find themselves in the risk of abandoning school.


Planned results:
  375 Persons receiving informaion about the possibilities of continuing the educational process;
  375 Participants in the „Second chance” programme;
  290 Graduates of the program;
  375 Counseled persons;
    15 Functional centers;

” Inovare în ocupare pentru femei - Voci pentru comunitate!”
Period of implementation: May 2014 – November 2015

Objective: Consolidation of labor market access for 700 women, by developing 

Planned results:competences in the field of sign language interpreter, who can provide services for persons with disabilities and for organizations/public authorities. 

  700 Women attending the program
  700 Women attending trainings
    40 Persons who start an independent work
      2 Professional training centers

”Împreună, mai aproape” 
Period of implementation: 2012 – present

9In 2012 we have been selected by The Body Shop Foundation as the only finalist NGO in Romania at “Human rights” category. This helped us develop the ”Împreună, mai aproape” project (Closer together) for two years in a row. The project helps local women support groups and offers the guidance of a mediator or a psychologist to help them overcome difficult periods in their lives. “The Closer together” project is still a prototype that we hope to develop nationwide.

”Să redescoperim școala!”
Period of implementation: March 2011 – February 2014

“Să redescoperim școala” (Let’s Rediscover School) is another project implemented by C4C – Communication for Community Association to support long-term social inclusion of disabled youth (pre-school and pupils) or youth with difficulty to adjust to school curricula. The project was developed in partnership with Dâmbovița County Council and aimed to maintain the youth in the educational system by using an adequate framework for the implementation of alternative specific and innovative educational solutions through guidance and counseling.

”Munca are genul feminin”
Period of implementation: October 2010 – January 2013

“Munca are genul feminin” (Work is feminine) was one of the most cherished projects of our team. It was dedicated to women who wish to achieve a new status, have a chance to get a job, regain their dignity and have a new vision for life.

It was an innovative project designed to help women in search for a job to get the utmost of their skills. We did this by placing the offered services as close as possible to its beneficiaries physically - through events organized in the territory, directly in villages – and in meeting their specific needs.