Ennis National School

skolinnEnnis National School is a co-educational Irish primary school situated close to the County Clare town of Ennis (population c. 25,000) on the west coast of Ireland. 

The school, which dates back to 1897, currently caters for approximately 600 pupils some of whom come from multi-cultural backgrounds. In 2013, the school transferred to a beautiful new building on the outskirts of the town of Ennis comprising 32 classrooms, with a large sports/all-purpose hall, changing rooms, and ancillary accommodation on a green field site. The school Campus, being located at the edge of the town of Ennis, is surrounded by lush, green countryside where pupils can enjoy Nature Walks with class groups and watch the farm animals in nearby fields. 

The School Principal is supported by 22 Mainstream Class Teachers, and 13 Learning Support and Resource Teachers. The school opened its first Autistic Spectrum Disorder Class (ASD) in September 2015. 

Our mission is to enable all our students fulfil their potential while attending our school. We strive to cater for a wide range of intelligences and therefore provide students with ample opportunity to engage in a variety of activities which develop those intelligences. Our school is truly child-centred, offering all students a wide range of extra-curricular activities.