Research on Sandplay and storytelling as a therapautic method in Artunsskoli

12A four years study took place in Artunsskoli in the years 2005-09 and aimed at investigating and evaluating a regular use of sandplay and storytelling with concern for any possible influence these methods might have on children‘s learning and emotional-behavioral development. The research was sponsored by The Department of Education in Iceland and the Development Fund for schools in Reykjavik. See Unnsteinsdottir‘s article The influence of sandplay and imaginative storytelling on children‘s learning and emotional-behavioral development in an Icelandic primary school in The Arts in Psychotherapy 39 (2012)328-332 and the book Sandplay and Storytelling: The Impact of Imaginative Thinking on Children‘s Learning and Development written by Turner and Unnsteinsdottir in 2011.

The actual research project in Sandplay and imaginative storytelling in Iceland, Ireland and Romania is based on the research model in Artunsskoli from 2005-2009.

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