Health promoting school

4Since autumn 2010 Artunsskoli has participated in the project Health Promoting Schools. The project is supervised by The Public Health Center in Iceland/Directorate of Health. One of the main goals of the project is to improve and nourish health and wellbeing of students and school staff. In Health promoting schools a special emphasize is on eight factors: students, diet-dental health, home environment, mental health, local environment, movement and safety, lifestyle and school staff.

The focus is on health improvement and each year we work with specific themes which are based on Life skill development project starting in 2001. In our work health promotion has been integrated with the school curriculum and especially with life skills and outdoor teaching. The last 5 years we have among other themes focused on themes like nature, local community, courage, mental health, spirit, quality of life and equality.

Further information: The Public Health Institute of Iceland/Directorate of Health