artunsskoli3 litilArtunsskoli was established in 1987 for children from 1. - 7. class but from year 2012 a nursery school/kindergarten for children from 2 - 5 years old and an after school care center for 1st through 4th grade children were incorporated. The school is rather small, or about 240 pupils.

In the school a special emphasis has been on environmental schooling, outdoor study and healthy living. We have been part of the program Health promoting schools since 2010 with emphasis on health in every way for students and staff. Our focus has for example been on life skills and activity involving sports and healthy life styles and outdoor teaching as well as creativity.

artunsskoli2 litilArtunsskoli has many traditions concerning special days or theme projects that focus especially on the school´s main goals. For example: Friday gathering (where all students and staff gather in the main hall and sing together and the students perform on stage); Grandparent’s day; Spring festival; Sports day; Culture day and Cross-country run.

The school´s mottos are: success, respect and wellbeing. These concepts are meant to reflect the main goals and visions the school stands for.

Development projects are a part of the school´s curriculum. Many projects have been on the schedule over the years, for example Life skill – a way to solution, Literacy – play and expression, No health without mental health, Health promoting and the Forrest, and the ongoing Erasmus project The Impact of Sandplay and Storytelling on Children‘s Learning and Emotional-Behavioral Development.